Taking walkies to the next level


We all love a meandering walk through the park or by a river and, when needs must, a walk around the block ticks the box.

But there are other options now for getting out and stretching our legs with our four legged friends. Dog walks have gone extra!

Dog walking has numerous health benefits for both us and our dogs. On the physical side, it lowers our blood pressure, improves our cardiovascular fitness and strengthens our muscles and bones.

It’s great for our mental health too, reducing stress and releasing our ‘feel-good hormones’.

Let’s look at the new ways we can enjoy taking our dogs out for exercise and entertainment.


Private dog walking areas


There are many fields all over the country where you can rent your own piece of nature to enjoy by yourselves. This can be really relaxing if your dog is nervous, unpredictable around other dogs or has poor recall.

It can also be ideal if you have a rescue dog with an unknown background or a new puppy that hasn’t been trained yet.

Having a secure, enclosed area can be the perfect setting to walk, play, exercise and train.

As you will be on private land, you can have up to four dogs playing together, and they can enjoy the freedom of frolicking off the lead.

Common sense rules of etiquette are generally applied by most private dog walking areas, like:

  • Pick up all dog waste in poo bags and take it away with you.
  • Make sure your dog is wormed and that their vaccines are all up to date.
  • Don’t use the space for picnics or BBQs; these spaces are specifically for dogs’ entertainment.

There is a great site, www.dogwalkingfields.com which is the original listings site for enclosed dog walking fields in the UK. Just pop in your postcode and the radius area you are prepared to travel to and off you go!


Social events run for dogs


Dogs Go is a fantastic company that runs great events for dogs in the Cheshire area.

They organise ticket-only, off leash frolics in their secure, purpose-built Bark Parks.

Their meet-ups and playtimes are organised by size, weight and playstyle of the dog. They also offer Puppy Socialisation and Breed Meet Ups. All dog guests receive a free puppachino and their owners can indulge in drinks and artisan cakes.

Dogs Go insist that all dogs are fully vaccinated and, if they are above six months, they must be well trained, beautifully behaved and very well socialised.

No female dogs in season are allowed, nor fully male dogs over 12 months.

And, of course, they expect you to be a responsible owner!

Ticking all these boxes means that you can all relax and have a positive and joyous experience!

Click here to find out about upcoming Bark Park events. 


Activity parks


Companies like Action Petz in Wales offer fun facilities, both indoors and outdoors, that give dogs lots of stimulation and equipment to put them through their paces whilst having lots of fun.

Their areas are secure and purpose-built, for dogs to enjoy off-lead play, exercise and socialisation.

Four Paws Adventure Academy in the Bedford area provides an enriching playground for your dog to play, discover and learn.

They hire out their two acre enclosed area full of equipment and activities, which is a great place to channel your dog’s energy with off-lead fun, physical development and mental stimulation.



So, when you fancy a change from the usual dog walks, enjoy trying these options or any other fun places you find online.

Let us know how you get on, we’d love to see your photos.





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