Enjoying cafés and restaurants with your four-legged friend


Hanging out at cafés and restaurants is a favourite past-time for many of us, and delighting in the company of our family and friends is an even richer experience when it includes our beloved dogs.

We’re glad to say that there are 9,000 dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in the UK that will welcome your whole party to the table.

There are great benefits to taking your dog out to a café or restaurant with you. Not being left at home avoids any separation anxiety, and going out encourages your dog to get used to new places.

It can take the edge off your enjoyment if you’re out but preoccupied by glancing at your watch and feeling like you should be getting back. If they’re with you, you can just be in the moment and relax!

It’s also a great opportunity to meet up with friends and their dogs when you want a change from going on a dog walk together, let alone being at the mercy of unpredictable weather, and dogs are a brilliant ice breaker – having them out with you can be a great way for them, and you, to make new friends.


Think ahead


Like humans, all dogs are different. Do you think yours will be comfortable in a café or restaurant environment, surrounded by new people and new dogs? Will they be able to sit and stay if they need to, for a long enough period of time?

When you have researched and found a dog-friendly venue, if it is a restaurant try to reserve a table at a time when the venue is quieter, and choose a table you think will be positioned in the best place for your dog.

The fantastic website, dogfriendly.co.uk, makes it easy to find suitable venues near you. You’ll discover dog-friendly cafes and restaurants that will welcome your dogs with open arms. Some may even have a full doggy menu. Venues with dog owner reviews come higher up in their listings, which is handy. Just click here to explore your options. 

So, you’ve found a great place to go. What should you consider when you take your furry friend out to café or restaurant with you?

Well-trained and socialised? (And your dog 😉!) Tick. Let’s go!


Before you go


Make sure your dog is well fed before you go to the café or restaurant, so they are less likely to be tempted by food there.

Increase the odds of your dog settling quietly when you’re out, by giving them a decent walk and plenty of exercise before you head out.

Take dog toys and treats to keep them occupied whilst you’re eating and chatting.


At the café or restaurant


When you arrive, give your dog a lot of attention – they are bound to be excitable at first but, if you stay calm, they will hopefully soon settle into their new surroundings.

Use a short lead, so that it isn’t a trip hazard. It will also keep your dog safe.

Don’t attach the lead to a table or chair because the furniture might not be secure and could injure your dog or another diner.

Praise your dog when they behave well, so it’s a positive experience for them.

Be respectful of other diners who may not share your love of dogs (hard to believe, we know!) and may not want to interact with yours.

Keep an eye on your dog, making sure they seem comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Don’t feed your dog at the table. They may eat something they shouldn’t, or think it’s okay to approach other diners for food too.


Have you heard of POP+BARK?


It’s a whole new experience! They run amazing dog events around the UK, for dog owners and dog lovers, but mostly for the dogs! You may have seen them on Dragons’ Den.

Each event is run for a particular breed or similar breeds, as dogs love being with their fellow-kind. You’ll meet your fellow-kind too, with plenty of time to mingle, chat and have a good time.

These family-friendly events are held in safe spaces where your dog can run around ‘off lead’, and they are packed full of furry frolics, adorable doggy-sized furniture and fun props. They are often themed with music, fancy dress and fun photo opportunities.

Plenty of foodie treats are available too. They take dog catering to the next level with their in-house doggy bakery, world-famous pupuccino bar and new pupcorn bar. Not forgetting brunch, lunch, coffee and cocktails for the dogs’ human companions too.

Check out their website to see if POP+BARK is coming to your area soon – their events sell out fast!



Wherever you decide to go with your family, your friends and your four-legged VIP guests, have a wonderful time creating special memories!



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