if the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.

Ricky Gervais

The Cherish Experience starts from only £400.

A white framed photograph of a fluffy white dog and his owner as they cuddle cheek to cheek,

Why you cherish those you love

The clue's in the name.

At Cherish Studios we photograph the relationship you have with your dog. That irreplaceable bond. That unique connection. The reason why you get up in the morning. And why you let them sleep on your bed at night.

Then through custom designed artwork for your home, we make sure you hold on to that feeling every day - just you and your dog.

So if you love dogs, and you're awesome, then you're a Cherish client.

incredible! Paul's basically the dog whisperer. from being nervous at the start, Milo didn't want to come home by the end!

Milo's humans Carol & Edward

A Dachshund leans on the shoulder of a man in a blue checkered shirt for a photoshoot.
A fluffy beige dog licks their owner's nose for a photograph.
A woman with purple hair holding up her black dog in a photoshoot.
A photo of a black dog and their paw being held by their owner.
A young couple holding up and rubbing the cheeks of their yawning white dog.
A Dachshund sits on the lap of their onwer, posing for a photo.
A dog gets a kiss from the back of his head from his owner.
A baby laying next to a fluffy white dog that is chewing on a dentastick treat.
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It's so much more than just the photos. Every pet photography session is a boutique experience customized to each client and their four legged family members. We pamper your pets with love and patience until they feel comfortable enough to relax and let their personalities shine. Our goal is to capture the essence of who they are in beautiful portraits that will hang in your home as art pieces to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

A framed photograph of a doog looking curiously to the right.

1. The Consultation

We speak on the phone to truly get to know your dog and you, and what your story is. We know each client’s needs are unique, and we'll help you tailor wall art and printed products specifically for your home. The reservation fee of £400 will be taken then, with half of it credited towards your product order at the Showcase.

A brown Dachshund embraces with his owners for a photoshoot.

2. The Photoshoot

The fun part! Enjoy heartwarming bonding moments with your dog as we capture different expressions and find out what makes your dog tick. There are toys & treats for your dog, and coffee for the parents. At the end you'll have a break to stretch those two legs and four legs whilst enjoying the Cherish goodie bag.

A framed picture of a white dog wearing a pink shirts look up to the left.

3. The Showcase

Finally, you'll enjoy a cinema slideshow of your session photos that same day. Then together, we'll select your favourites and design the artwork that will enhance your home. You'll confirm the artwork order and pay in full - with £200 of the original reservation fee taken off the final bill of your order.

A bronze coloured Spaniel smiles for a dog photoshoot as he perches between his owners.

a home without a dog is just a house. a wall without your artwork is just space.

Paul, Cherish Studios

A bronze Spaniel looks as if he is smiling for a photoshoot.


Every piece of wall art is custom designed just for you and your family and individually crafted in Italy. Prices start from £1,100.

Select cotton Canvas for an artistic feel, mounted with millimeter precision and sharp wrap corners. A superior quality with a backing that will never collapse, or allow the canvas to loosen or bulge. Or select clean and elegant Acrylic that features vibrant long-lasting fine art printing under an acrylic layer and a back panel that is made from a rigid monoblock.

More info on your chosen wall art - click here.

Dog wallart above a beige sofa from a dog photoshoot.
Multiple artworks hang above blue chair on a blue wall showing images of a dog and their owner.
Large wallart from a dog photography experience hanging on the wall above multicoloured furniture.

a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Henry Wheeler Shaw

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life without a dog is like an unsharpened pencil. It has no point.

Gabriel S.

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