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A black dog looks lovingly up at their owner as their paw is being held.
It starts on the phone and ends on the wall.

Paul and the team will take time to understand what makes your story unique. So we'll call you, we'll listen, we'll bring that learning into the shoot and then we'll help you re-live that uniqueness in the photos you choose and the artwork you design - and we'll do this together. Because you and your dog are a team. And we want to be on your team too.

The Cherish Experience starts from only £400.

A dog poses for a photoshoot  as it looks up to the right.

1. The Consultation

We speak on the phone to truly get to know your dog and you. We'll also discuss customised artwork for your home. We know each client’s needs are unique, and we'll help you tailor wall art specifically for your home. The reservation fee of £400 will be taken then, with half of it credited towards your product order.

A dachshund looks dirctly into the camera lense for a photoshoot with their owner.

2. The PhotO SESSION

The fun part! Enjoy heartwarming bonding moments with your dog as we capture different looks and find out what makes your dog tick. There are toys & treats, and coffee for the parents. At the end you'll have a break to stretch those two legs and four legs whilst enjoying the Cherish goodie bag.

A framed image of a white dog wearing a pink striped shirt.

3. The Showcase

Finally, you'll enjoy a cinema slideshow of your session photos that same day. Then together, we'll select your favourites and design the artwork that will enhance your home. You'll confirm the artwork order and pay in full - with £200 of the original reservation fee taken off the final bill of your order.

A dog photoshoot with a closed eyed, content looking Husky having his neck rubbed by his owners.

Casper - with Emma & Nick

"Every morning we wake up - before he does - and we can see how much he loves being in our family. We love our bedroom wall art collection!"

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Please plan to arrive on time for your appointment, but not too early. Above all, be comfortable and casual in what you're wearing for the shoot. Casual clothes, solids, nice textures, simple lines are good. Black and white, bold patterns (like stripes or checks), graphics and logos, shorts and skirts are not so good. Consider your shoes, because they’ll almost certainly appear in some of the pictures. And I'll most likely ask you to remove bracelets before we start.


Be sure to take your dog for a brief walk before you arrive, especially if you’ve been in the car for more than about 15 minutes. Some (but not too much) exercise is good on the day of the shoot. If your pet has dietary restrictions, bring treats they can eat. Keep all dogs on a lead, please. And please consider if your dog will be happy to sit with you during the Showcase session after the shoot has finished. Normally, harnesses, collars and leads will be retouched out before photos are printed.

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