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There’s nothing like a break from your day to day routine and the escapism of time away.

Sharing special times with your family and friends wouldn’t be the same without your four-legged family member being there too.

Luckily, there is a huge range of dog-friendly hotels and other accommodation options throughout the UK, with options to suit all budgets and styles.

‘Dog-friendly’ can mean different things in different venues though, so it’s worth doing your homework before you book somewhere. The last thing you want is to be frustrated, thwarted or disappointed by what you can and can’t do when you get there.

Also, it’s important that, before you settle on somewhere, you have considered how suitable your surroundings and environment are going to be for you and your dog to enjoy together.

Will there be plenty of green spaces for daily walks and for your dog to go to the toilet?

If you’re travelling to a city, will your dog be comfortable with the traffic and the hustle and bustle?


It’s about the journey, not just the destination


If you’ll be making a long car journey to get to your holiday accommodation, take snacks and a bowl with plenty of water, plus any medication your dog might need. You’ll obviously need the obligatory poo bags that I’m sure you never leave the house without!

Stop for regular rest breaks, particularly if it’s a hot day, to give your dog a chance to stretch their legs and go to the toilet.

If your dog isn’t used to being in the car for long journeys, start acclimatising them well in advance, starting with short journeys and building up their time on the road.


Tips for hotel stays


If you are staying in a hotel, book a room on the ground floor. Not only will this be convenient for nipping out for your dog’s toilet breaks, it will avoid potentially stressful encounters with elevators.

Before you take your dog into the room, do a sweep of any snacks or toiletries that your dog could reach and be harmed by, or any other substances or materials that could be dangerous for them to come into contact with.

When you do introduce your dog to the room, show them their new surroundings and let them explore.

Using a dog crate in your room could be a familiar comfort to your dog if they are used to sleeping in one at home, and it could keep them from making an escape when your hotel room door is opened.

Dogs are creatures of habit so try to maintain their feeding times and walk times when you’re away.

Other ways to make your dog feel comfortable in their new environment are to pack items that they are familiar with, like their bed if that’s practical, or a blanket that smells like home. Also, favourite dog toys and chew toys will both entertain them and hopefully prevent them from gnawing on the hotel furniture, which could prove costly for you.

Be respectful and abide by the hotel’s rules. Being dog friendly doesn’t mean that the hotel staff will want to clean up your dog’s mess! Bring sheets and blankets with you to place on beds and upholstered furniture, and make sure your dog isn’t muddy.

Keep your dog well exercised whilst your away, especially by giving them a good walk at night. Getting rid of excess energy will generally make a dog less anxious, which should mean they’re calm and happy to quickly go to sleep.


Hotel rules


Each hotel will have their own specific guidelines, that you can check on before booking but, to give you a general heads up, the most common rules tend to include that your dog must be:

-       non-aggressive

-       toilet trained

-       well behaved

-       have written proof of up-to-date vaccinations

-       clean

-       without fleas

Different hotels will have their own rules about whether you can leave your dog unaccompanied in your hotel room. Some may not allow you to leave your dog alone at all, others may ask that your dog is crated, to prevent possible damage to the furniture or toilet accidents.

Some hotels may be okay with you leaving your dog alone, but might end up asking you to leave if your dog is loud or destructive when you’re not there.


Other holiday accommodation options


If a hotel is not for you, and you prefer to be in your own space with more flexibility, there are hundreds of dog-friendly options an internet click away… holiday cottages, cabins, pubs, charming b&b’s, caravan parks. Whatever you’re looking for, no doubt you’ll find it.

Many dog-friendly hosts go the extra mile, too, providing treats, bedding and outdoor play areas.

Happy searching!


And finally…


Before you embark on your holiday adventure, make sure that your dog is microchipped and that your dog’s ID tags have your up-to-date information, in case you get separated.


Wherever you decide to go, have a wonderful trip with all your loved ones, not just the two-legged variety!


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