At Cherish Studios, we're so grateful that we get to capture and share magical moments between you and your dog. The sad truth is that our little friends aren't around forever, we know this first hand, but the memories and moments encapsulated through our photography will last a lifetime.

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

How people feel after the photoshoot with their dog


A surprising number of our clients express their feelings of relief after the photoshoot. They're so grateful that we manage to capture themselves and their best friend at their happiest.


Owners often tell us they feel fufilled when seeing the final photographs. We know dogs are part of the family and you'll love seeing the bond captured in your photographs.


Being around your dog is always a joyful experience. When you arrive for your photoshoot, you get to play, treat and love your best friend whilst we capture it - a joyous moment you'll Cherish.


Casper - with Emma & Nick

"Every morning we wake up - before he does - and we can see how much he loves being in our family. We love our bedroom wall art collection!"

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We speak on the phone to truly get to know your dog and you. We'll also discuss customised artwork for your home. We know each client’s needs are unique, and we'll help you tailor wall art specifically for your home. The reservation fee of £150 will be taken then, with £100 of it credited towards your product order.


The fun part! Enjoy heartwarming bonding moments with your dog as we capture different looks and find out what makes your dog tick. There are toys & treats, and coffee for the parents. At the end you'll have a break to stretch those two legs and four legs whilst enjoying the Cherish goodie bag.


Finally, you'll enjoy a cinema slideshow of your session photos that same day. Then together, we'll select your favourites and design the artwork that will enhance your home. You'll confirm the artwork order and pay in full - with £100 from the reservation fee credited towards your order.

About Cherish Studios, London

Cherish Studios was born out of a love of dogs, yes. It also exists so that you can hold on to how your pet makes you feel every day.

Just looking into your dogs' eyes, holding his paw, feeling the softness of his fur, knowing that at the end of a long day his smiley face will be the first you'll see when you get home. All of these feelings captured and cherished in personalised art for your home.

And we all know that time flies by. Make the most of the gift he's giving you now. Seize the day. Why wait?

The Cherish Experience starts from just £150