Displaying wall art of your loved ones and your dogs has a hugely powerful, positive effect on your wellbeing.

Having your feelings captured in a magical moment, frozen in time to be enjoyed forever, is priceless.

Cherish Studios not only takes the perfect photos for you, but provides a range of stunning ways to present the beautiful photos we create with you. These artwork pieces are all handcrafted by talented artisans in Amalfi, Italy, using the finest materials.

The benefits of turning your photos into wall art

You simply can’t under-estimate the power of the endorphin rush you get when you look a beautiful photo that encapsulates the love you feel for your favourite four-legged friend!


It’s a wonderful feeling when you are loving your dog and they are loving you right back, sharing a joyous and playful - or tender and sensitive - moment. And it’s an abundant gift to feel that way every time you look at that special wall art you have created, honouring that love.

That’s why wall art is so powerful. Because it’s constantly on display, reminding you every single minute how amazing your life is, thanks to the precious relationships you have with your loved ones and your pets.


Our founder at Cherish Studios, Paul Toeman, has a huge soft spot for dogs and is especially touched by the stories he hears about people’s relationships with their dogs. 

In many cases, he has had the privilege of photographing a dog owner who has wanted to honour their unique relationship with their dog. Often, their beloved dog has supported them through a difficult situation in their life, giving them solace and, in their unique way, emotionally rescuing them. 

Every time the owner looks at that wall art, their feelings of gratitude and purpose are renewed. 

The bond that shines through in these photos warms your heart, as you can see from their happy faces on our website!


It is an amazing thing to truly appreciate the good in our lives, which can be easily forgotten as we race about in our hectic lives.

To love and to be loved is such a blessing, and deserves to be celebrated. 

A brilliant, impactful way to celebrate the love you feel with your family and your pets is to display beautiful wall art that reminds you, every single day, how important and valuable your loved ones are to you.

Whether it’s the first thing you see on your bedroom wall when you wake up in the morning, or whilst you’re watching TV and hanging out together on the sofa, bustling about in the kitchen or dashing through the hall, you can’t help but smile as you look at that special photo, or collection of photos.

Often, our clients book a photo shoot with us when they have just welcomed a dog into their home, and want to create a beautiful photo that symbolises their family that “now feels complete”.

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving! 

So, let’s talk about creating those special moments for us to capture for you forever.

The alchemy of the perfect shot

We understand that many people feel self-conscious when they have their photo taken. We care about your experience and make sure that we create a comfortable environment so that we can get the best results for you.

Our passion is to capture the essence of the joy and the love you feel for each other in a moment in time, that you can cherish forever. 

As you can see from the portfolio on our website, our friendly and expert photographers put our clients (including their dogs!) at ease and make the photo shoot relaxed and fun, so that your personality and happiness shine through.

Our keen eye for composition and technical expertise with lighting techniques doesn’t hurt either!

We know we’ve done our job right when our client reviews their photos with a comment like: “Wow, is that really me?!”

We edit the hundreds of photos we take into a final selection, for you to choose your favourite photos from. Being spoilt for choice when you love them all can be hard, but it’s a nice problem to have!

Showcasing the results of your photoshoot

Now, it’s time to decide how you would like to display your beautiful photos in your home.

We respect that this is a very personal choice, and we are happy to talk through your options. 

Believing that your wall art should enhance your existing environment, and be well balanced with your furniture and style without standing out in a jarring way, we encourage you to consider your living space, your colour scheme, your décor, your lighting and, of course, your personal preferences, to help you to make the right choices for you.

We can produce for you beautiful, single or multiple prints on canvas, acrylic or even on sheet metal – all made to an exceptionally high quality and long-lasting standard.

Collections tend to tell a story of a relationship from different perspectives, and individual pieces shout more about a moment in time capturing the essence of that relationship.

Some people prefer a more discreet way of enjoying their chosen photos, in the shape of a Storia Book, or by having their favourite prints beautifully packaged in a Reveal Box.

Whatever you would like, we can make it happen for you.

Contact Cherish Studios

Take a look at our work by visiting our website.

You can also call us on 0207 155 9725 or email our founder, Paul Toeman. We would love the opportunity to talk through your ideas and answer any questions you may have.

Love – you feel it, we photograph it, you cherish it. Forever.